Recommendations On the BTP Pillars – Artificial Intelligence

Excited to share the fifth and final installment of our deep-dive series – “Recommendations On the BTP Pillars.” Today, we’ll be unraveling the complexities of the fifth pillar of SAP’s Business Technology Platform (BTP) – Artificial Intelligence (AI). 

SAP’s AI solutions are empowering organizations to infuse intelligence into their operations and run with confidence on a trusted, enterprise-grade platform. Harnessing the capabilities of SAP AI Business Services (such as business entity recognition, data attribute recommendation, document information extraction and personalized recommendation), organizations can enhance their decision-making and operational efficiency. 

Adding to this, SAP AI Core and SAP AI Launchpad provide a robust foundation for machine learning, integrating pre-built business AI models, MLOps, and responsible AI. The purpose-built services that come with pre-trained models offer a versatile foundation, while the AI Core enables a generic machine learning foundation, making the entire system customizable and adaptable. 

At Rizing, we advise utilizing the existing, API wrapped models sold as SAP AI Business Services and AI Core for inference of custom built models. This enables your business to harness the power of AI effectively, augmenting human capabilities and improving operational efficiency. 

As we often say, “SAP Business Technology Platform is the Business Operating System.” It’s designed to support enterprises in their digital transformation journey by providing a solid foundation that infuses intelligence across business operations. How is your organization leveraging the power of SAP’s AI capabilities to enhance its decision-making and operational efficiency?

Share your thoughts and experiences!

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